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Profboard Cutting Board and Defrosting Tray


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profboard, cutting board, thawing tray

The incredible Profboard is not only a wonderful cutting board, but it lets you thaw out your frozen food in minutes!

More Product Details

"The product I thought was most useful for consumers was the Profboard Cool – a thawing and cutting board.  You place your frozen food on the board and it dethaws your food at a rapid rate.  For people like me who forget to take out the frozen chicken or beef first thing in the morning, this is a great tool.  The board also absorbs the water so your food isn’t soggy. The product easily transforms into a cutting board by using one of the six different covers that easily snap onto the board.  You can keep yellow for chicken, red for fruits, etc. so you don’t run the risk of contaminating food."

With the revolutionary Prof Board "Cool" thawing and cutting board system frozen food is easy and thaws extremely quickly. The dirt-and surface-sealed base board is highly conductive of heat and cold. When frozen, simply place your product, and the thawing process will start in a split second. The 10-fold thawing in contrary to conventional thawing with ambient heat can be deep frozen and yet so quickly yet gently thawed, it cannot be any bacteria.

After thawing there is an amazing patented Easy-Click system which simply clicks on the different colour chopping boards.
The revolutionary, patented base plate is made ​of a metal alloy surface-sealed. The cutting pads are made ​of special PP material (polypropylene) and are provided with an antibacterial additive. This is the highest hygiene for domestic use. In addition, your knife will be spared; the cutting surfaces are food-safe, no odors are released and are tasteless.
The Prof Cool Board itself will be cleaned with normal detergents, the cutting surfaces are even dishwasher safe.

Size: 30cm x 30cm

Check out this awesome video that says it all!

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BRILLIANT SERVICE! Ordered in the Morning – Delivered in the Afternoon. Wow!!

Angus, Johannesburg
[30 April 2014]

Wow Quick!

I have received my parcel, that was quick wow, I'm impressed.

Ntando, Johannesburg
[11 March 2014]

Awesome Service

Thank you for your awesome service. Its a wow compared to the other companies.

Lana, Pretoria
[07 March 2014]


I am extremely impressed with your super service. I placed the order yesterday and delivery was made today. Well done and keep it up!!!!

Rahiema, Johannesburg
[04 March 2014]

Thank You

I would like to once again thank, VuvuPlaza and The Courier Guys for your excellent and professional service. From placing the order to receiving the item (there was a delivery problem, but the problem was from my side) everybody that I had contact with was very helpful and above all very courteous. I have been purchasing from your company for quite a while now and any problems (very few) have been resolved immediately by your very competent staff. As I have received nothing but excellent service, you can be assured that I will continue to be a valued customer of yours, for hopefully many years to come. May you all have a happy and successful 2014.

Rod, Johannesburg
[02 January 2014]

Thank you - never had service like this!!

I would just like to thank you for the most amazing service I have ever experienced - and on Christmas Eve. And it wasn't a Christmas gift but a utility household item... From purchase at around 11h15, it was delivered to me just before 14h00. Truly amazing. Warm wishes for a great Festive season.

David, Pretoria
[24 December 2013]

Thank you!

Thank you for this incredible service

Shirley, Durban
[20 December 2013]

Thank you!

I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU for the amazing service and delivery offered by VuvuPlaza. You guys rock and can be very proud of your unbelievable service.

Diane, Johannesburg
[20 December 2013]

Awesome Service

Thank you thank you thank you!! I cannot believe the awesome service you guys offer, this is my third item I have purchased off the site and its been delivered the same day again WOW, you really know how to give service. No need to worry about any competition as they take at least 6-8 weeks to deliver and then after following up. Keep up the great service, I love it! kind regards Antje

Antje, Johannesburg
[13 December 2013]


Wow you guys are awesome. Thanks a million Wishing you and your team a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Rashika, Johannesburg
[12 December 2013]

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